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New Hunt Test Organization- Upland Gundog Association

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UGA is holding an event in Iowa May 12/13, All Breeds, All Upland Test. Pointing labs are running in the pointing divisions and you test out in one weekend?!

Anyone else seen this? Attending? Looks interesting....

uplandgundog (.) com
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i would like to know who recognizes these titles akc ukc?. sound like something on the order of the BDC and they dont get recognized for there titles from akc or ukc . its just a big money game.
in the wisconsin series if you wanted to try for dog of the year in just flushing divison and you had 2 dogs and you had your dogs out there the most that they can beby the rules in 5 or 6 events it would cost you roughfully 5000. and if you run the bdc worlds or nationals one run is 350.00 or close to it.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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