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New Master Hunter - MHR Cedarbrook Surehsot Atlas MH

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This past Saturday, my dog Atlas earned his MH. At the risk of forgetting someone, I want to publically thank all of those that have helped Atlas and I on this journey. There is no way that I could've done it without all of your help, guidance and friendship:

- All of my friends at the Four Points Retriever Club, specifically, Dan Hove, Troy Tilleraas and Larry Willson.
- All of the folks at the Rice Creek Hunting Dog Club, specifcally, JP and Linda Martin, Steve Krueger, Byron Quinn, Gordon and Gordie Schlichting. This past Saturday marked the 15 year of my working at my first hunt test at Rice Creek (what a fitting place and time to get Atlas' MH.)
- John Blackbird, Dave Lybeck, Larry Dusanek, Terry Plagman, Kirk Rice, Frank Plewa and Doug Dodge - I admire you all very much and have always respected and appreciated learning from you.
- BRG Training Group - Dan Tongen, Paul Agranoff, Steve Esping, Mike Matson and Dick Ofstedal - I appreciate every bird you've thrown and every blind you planted for us.
- Amy Hunt - you put an awesome pup into my hands. I'm glad that I was able to put his amazing abilities to great use and am forever grateful for the Gates x Crash breeding (which I found here on this site - thanks Lainee for posting the ad for Amy) that resulted in such an incredible friend and valued part of my family.
- My wife, Stacy, and kids, Paige, Bryce and Drew - I know that I've missed some important family activities along the way to getting Atlas' title. You have all been tremendous supporters and I can't say how much I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thanks everyone. What a ride it has been.

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Great job, I still need one more for my girl to have he MH and it will have to wait until the fall now.
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