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What truck would mount a chasis mount box?

  • Chevrolet

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  • Ford

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  • Dodge

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Trying to help make a decision for a truck for new chasis mount box.
Each make has pluses.
Gas or desil.

negative thoughts?
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Why don't we just list the Chassic mounts we know of and I think the answer is obvious:

Danny Farmer - F-450
Clint Avant - F-450
Rorem F-450
Mosher F-350
Maury Smith F-350
Mad River F-350
Bozeman Chevy
Tatum Dodge
Wickcliffe F-350
Gierman Chevy
Broyles F-350
Lee Jolley F-350
Edwards F-350

Know lot more - but I will let others chime in.
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1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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