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What truck would mount a chasis mount box?

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Trying to help make a decision for a truck for new chasis mount box.
Each make has pluses.
Gas or desil.

negative thoughts?
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I just happen to know more about Trucks than dogs. :lol: People bring up the toyota's and such but, you are not going to put a heavy chassis mount on a toyota, nissan, or honda. They are not in the same league of the heavy duty American made trucks.

I feel the Ford by far has the strongest frame, chassis, and suspension. For putting something like a chassis mount you definately will need heavy duty and strong. Ford has been the leader in this heavy work capability for many many years. I feel all the diesels are pretty dang good right now. The place I feel Ford is the leader (mecahnically) is in the transmission. The Torqueshift has just been AWESOME!! GM came up with a great thing in the partly built and designed Allison. That really changed things in automatic transmissions. But, Ford realized it was good and worked real hard to make it even better. The Torqueshift has just been rock-solid and makes the engine packages that much better. The reliability of them has been very very good too. I can't think of any major tranny problem in our shop in the entire three plus years they have been out. There is a minor little quick fix here and there but, not major stuff at all that I have seen. There are a lot of other things I feel Ford is tops at and if you want I can go on about them.

Ed, The newly designed Super duty is not a 2007 model. It will be a 2008 model that has the newly designed body and new 6.4 twin turbo diesel engine. It will be introduced early though and should hit the Showrooms in January of 2007. The 2007 model is already being built and will be to dealerships pretty soon. No changes have been made to it other than a couple new options you can add. You are right there were some early issues with the 6.0 diesels and as you said the 05-06's have been very very strong with little problems.

As far as diesel vs gas. That is tough. If you are hauling or towing a heavy load often, than diesel is the only way to go really. If you don't drive much or haul much than the V10 is not a bad way to go. A lot less money up front, cheaper oil changes (more often though), but, reasale will definately be softer than a diesel. You will get anywhere between 10-15 MPG with the V10 depending how you drive. Diesel should get 2-4 mpg better than that, again depending on what you do with them and how you drive. With Fords, the newer 3V V10 and the 5 speed auto are much improved too.

If you have any questions that I can answer, please let me know.

Good Luck, Travis
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JUST A FYI on Ford's Torqueshift transmission.

I just asked my service manager about repairs and problems with the t-shift tranny with powerstrokes. We have replaced ONLY TWO Torqueshift tranny's in over three years. One was a near new truck with only a couple thousand miles and have never had a problem afterward. The other was in a F350 Dually that was a full time trailer hauling vehicle. If had over 190,000 miles on it. Pretty solid info there!!!
Labdoc, I honestly don't knwo for sure yet. We have heard very little about the details on this. But, if I were guessing the reason of doing twin turbos it would be to help reduce the "Turbo Lag" that is common among diesels. This may make no sense at all but, that would be my guess. One turbo wouldbe set-up for low end power and acceleration and one would be to take you up through the gears to cruising speeds. Just a thought.

If it is a marketing ploy, it sure is a good one. :lol: People are real excited about it.
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