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NFC Prize Puppies - Encouraging the Chase...

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Step No. 1 - get the puppy to chase something. In this case a rolled up sock. :D

Have a look...
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I thought they did well. Very cute and lots of noise!!:) My guys were wondering what was going on? They forgot! Have they all homes? Good luck.
Hi Mary Lynn, Yea, they all want to play, if one is out, the rest can't stand it!!!
We still have one boy and one girl to place, if they aren't taken by this Saturday, I will have to cancel
my trip to run Flat River and Maumee Valley, I'll be puppy sitting!!!

Oh, one of the pups is heading your way to Burlington, Ontario
That is close Gregg-2 hours away! I hope you sell them, so you can go to MI as planned.:) It was a beautiful day there last week. I will be up there tomorrow. Hoping it doesnot rain!
Gregg sent you a pm.
Well, we sold a male pup yesterday to a couple that originally wanted a female.
I was going to keep a male, but I am willing to keep the female if some one wants the male.
Regardless, need to sell one more pup, they are ready to go home this Saturday.
These pups are real Hot Rods and smart as a whip!!!
Glad to hear Gregg. Really great day training yesterday!:)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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