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NJ and Del. Dog Days

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Take advantage of the last of the nice weather!

A "Sanctioned" HT will be held by the Pinelands R/C .
It will be on November 20Th at Blue Springs Bill Thompson's property in Winslow NJ.
From what I understand there will be no Master, a Senior and Junior only-
If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact Diane Twesten at 609-561-7390 or Jeff Shaw at 856-453-8122.

A picnic Trial will be held by the Del Bay RC that same weekend at the C&D Canal Ret. Training area.
I will find out which day and post it.
There is normally both a HT and FT venue and Flyers.
If it is Sunday you can run both Pinelands and Del Bay :wink: sch2004.pdf
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I was at Del Bay Sunday , the place is mowed and looks great.
Trained with a few of the local RTFers.
Hope to see a bigger turnout next week(Sun.Nov. 28th).
A big thanks to "Ken" who took this on (4 to 6 picnic trials a year) as his project when "Gordon"stepped down for a well deserved sabbatical.
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