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Never even thought to add the important details!

He will be two in June.
We have been struggling with pile work and doubles. Partially the dog/partially the trainer- probably more trainer than dog:oops:

Main goal is to have a decent hunting companion, hunt tests are just a hobby I started to keep me active with the dog and his training. We have picked up two legs towards his NAHRA started title last summer. Hopfully We will get the next two legs this summer. Last fall he picked up 50-60 ducks, a couple geese, and a pheasant. So he does have some potential!
My suspicion is that this nose has developed as a result of the "struggles" with pile work, and collar pressure? Maybe take a step back and simplfy things for a week or two and let pressure come off. See if that fixes it before you do too much more - just an internet suggestion with limited information!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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