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Think there's a lot to be considered in how you deal with this Newf, particularly with the issues at hand.

Would say that vocalization for now, would be the least of my worries if it were me, untill you can get a handle on the other stuff. Would also say that re-calling a dog that doesn't otherwise have the additional other issues would certainly be an option, in addition to the mindset of,.. any vocalization before the dog is SENT would result in a forfeit of that retrieve..(You get nuthin' untill your steady and quiet).

If it's every retrieve he does this, then you'll be doin' a whole LOT of re-calling, and that, to me, would start to deteriorate and begin to suck out the existing drive that your dog has at the moment..You need all you can get right now ;-) But otherwise re-calling him I would believe would be the Rx for ya'.

I'd bet you can get him to vocalize if you let a live clipped wing go in the training field, and make him steady before SENDING him..Sometimes a lot easier to correct before ya' SEND the dog than afterwards.

I see it as you're kinda' in a catch 22 situation..Letting it manifest could be harder later to work on it,..Working on it right now with the situation at hand, could change how your dog "feels " about retrieing in general..
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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