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Sorry folks, I have some sketchy results for the derby!
43 starters
1st Runnin's Molly B - B Clasby/M Rawlins
2nd - Handled by P Kiernan (not sure which dog)
3rd - Land Ahoy - G Zellner
4th - KC's Hair Apparent - L Browne
RJ - Paro's Red White and Blue - D Partington (L Pleasant handler)
Total 11 finished I don't have the JAM's

Amateur (79 starters)
1st - FC/AFC Midknight Shot in the Dark - D Green

Open (101 starters) was still running at 3:00 today.

Qual (54 starters)

That's all I heard. Maybe someone can fill in all the blanks.

Sargenti won the Open with Richard Cordell's Bee Line Butch. New FC!

Gonia placed 2nd with Gunrunner's High Anxiety (sp?). Auggie was picked up in the 4th. Don't know if Carbon or Chopper were with him but if so, they didn't place.

The Julia Hendrix Experience (Ahlgren) placed 3rd in the Amateur. New AFC!

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Carbon was running at SE Washington where he won the Open.

Good for Bill, Richard and Bee-Line Butch. I was there when Bill won the first Open with him and Richard was completely overcome. What a thrill for Richard.

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