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My golden is limping while heeling. Perfectly sound otherwise, will bounce, run with a little bit of a short stride.
I know he stretched out his leg jumping off a table the other day, but the same day before that he was biting at his foot.
So-I am going to call Dr. Sherman to see if he can see Brit on the way up to Ct next week, if not I will be looking for a vet to take a look.
I will be in the Salisbury, Simsbury and Hartford area, but will travel.
I am a little anxious because we were accepted to a workshop in July I want to go to, so need to know if this is temp or long term-I had a dog who was out 4 months due to a groin pull, so I know this could be bad :roll:
Thanks for any help!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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