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Results from the Qual and Derby:


1. Luke Pond-Walker, owner Robert Scheldrup, handler Gary Abbott
2. South Fork Souper Dandy, owner Gary Johnson, handler Gary Abbott
3. Midnight Contender, owner/handler Jack Hilger
4. Hell's Belle V, owner/handler Ed Labanara

don't remember the RJ, or all the Jams, but do know that Christine Robertson's Irish Water Spaniel got a Jam. She did a very nice job.


1. Santiam Steelhead Red, owner Craig Pettinger, handler John Henninger
2. Justin Time Apache Lozen, owner/handler Scott Anderson
3. Hightest Camino Full Nelson (first trial), owner/handler David Hengsteler
4. Top Guns D R Edgar, owner Jeff van den Top, handler Gary Abbott
RJ Sweet Home Cookin, owner Ed Zuhlke, handler Jerry Patopea

Jams: Go Margo (Mel Milton), Sunnyview's Nitro Express (owner Richard Weiner, handler Jerry Patopea), Bobby Magee (owner John Poer and Diane O'Hearne, handler Mark Madore), Horn Creek's Lucky Charm (Cindy Bailey), Riverrun's True North (Marty Peterson), Tiger Mtns Sugar Belle (owner Don Grensemen, handler Mark Jones), Skookumchuck's Big Cheese (Harry Bennetts), Strings Dear Abbea (owner Cheryl Smith, handler Jerry Patopea), Indy Go Fast (owner Ann Rauff, handler Mark Madore), Little Bit Dangerous (owner Joe Beitler, handler John Henninger)

From the Open I know that John Henninger won with his young brown dog Henninger's Slick n Ready. The same dog won last week, so from what I understand, that's his FC. The dog is 2.5 yrs old. Owner Steve Copson.


John Henninger did not win with a young brown dog....he won with Henninger's Slick & Ready (Tru) and yes, he is 2 1/2 and Tru won last week also.
Tru is sired by Creek Robber.

Amateur results
1st Place FC AFC Creek Robber
2nd Place FC Shadow Warrior II
3rd Place ? sorry
4th Place CFC Way Out Yonder
And I dont know RJ or Jams.

Open results
1st place Henninger's Slick & Ready (new FC, son of Creek Robber)
2nd Place NAFC FC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek
3rd Place NFC AFC Clubmeads Road Warrior
4th Place Price Club
RJ Widgeon's Carbon Chip (2 1/2 yr old Carbon son)
Do not know Jams, sorry.

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Amateur 3rd was
Scott Anderson and FC Justin Time Mr. Moto


AFTCH TNT's Stanley Steamer, UD - John Gunn
Rainbow's November Rain - Tony Snow
AFC B& J's Run Around Sue - Bob Crabb

And R Jam - Camino Go for the Pin - Dave Hengsteler
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