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Qualifying - 31 dogs
Judges: Harry Williams & Corey Tolmich

1st - Duckmountain's Diary Or A Madman - Cowan/Gonia
2nd- Fishtrap Heidi - Bly
3rd - Pure Labs Skys The Limit - Goodale
4th - Merlyn IV - Patopea
RJ - Show-Biz Lyle U Gotta Luv It - Henderson/Patopea
JAM- Duckmountain's Snap To It - Tallman/Gleason
Cleo The Queen Od Desire MH - Seagren
Lil Copycat - Kompf
Alaska's Black Gold Joey - Biesen/Hanlon
Show-Biz Lucy Gotta Star - Henderson/Patopea
Camino Go For The Pin - Hengsteler
Hightest Tina - Bell
Sir Richard's Last Dance - Coleman/Patopea

Derby -32 dogs
Judges: Williams & Tolmich

1st - Henninger's Slick N Ready - Copson/Henninger
2nd- The Mad Russian* - Snow/Madore
3rd - Widgeon's Carbon Chip* - Hartl
4th - Jazztime Empty Wallet - Calvert
RJ - Carbon's Blue Pursuit* - Kompf/Bell
JAM- Whisp Of Carbon* - Cooney
Armagh's One And Only - Keogh/Hanlon
Merlon IV - Patopea
Justin Time Alibi - White/Kiernan

* = Derby Littermates - 1/07/04
(FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek X Widgeon's CC Water Back)

Only info on other stakes is Carbon and Frank won the Open. HPW

northwest rc

Partial Open Results:
1st- FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek O/H Frank Kashevarof
2nd-FC Justin Time Mr Moto O/Scott Anderson, H/Patti Kiernan
3rd-John Gunn (Boomer ?)
4th-Caterpillar Kelly O/Gary Zellner, H/Jerry Patopea

Amateur Results:
1st- FC AFC Clubmeads Road Warrior - O/H Frank Kashevarof
2nd-Pure Labs Affirmative Action O/H Pete Goodale
3rd- CFC Way Out Yonder -O/H Freeman Boyett
4th- Timshal O/H John Ball
RJ- Fishtrap E-Racer O/H Ray Bly
Jams: FC AFC CNFC CAFC TNT's Mr Peabody Prairiemarsh O/H John
Super High Flyer O/H Kim Johnston
Hightest Tina O/H Missy Bell

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:!: Good on you and your dog for finishing Kim!

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Re: Northwest Trial

Janice Gunn said:
Amateur 3rd was:

FTCH AFTCH AFC TNT's Explosion, UD - John & Janice Gunn

aka "Boomer"
Excuse me.........

That was an Open 3rd not Amateur......
Congratulations!!!!! Counting the days until my Boomer pup is whelped!!! :)

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