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Not dog related but my pregnancy related its a ,....

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Baby Boy just wanted to let you all know that have followed my pregnancy he is perfectly healthy and everything looks great. He is acually ahead of schedule and is on the high side of normal big but they said that he is perfect. He is almost a pound already and they moved my due date up to July 11th so will see :) Here are some pics of him that I wanted to share with everyone of my little guy he wasnt wanting to couperate and wanted just to take a nap but we finally coaxed him into moving so we could get a good shot and see what he is.

His full name will be Blake Emerson Knodel.


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I remember how excited I was to see the first sonograms of our son. Whenever I would complain about my pregnancy woes to my mother she would always remind me that they are a lot easier in the womb than out of it. Boy was she right! But, they are so much fun and just melt your heart. Congratulations and keep us posted!
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