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not trying to start anything

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I wondered if you considered someone a BYB or puppy mill if they have several different breeds and have 10-15 litters a year but they breed to top quality studs and they get titles on there females( JH SH or MH titles)?Just curious how other view this.
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Here is my opinion, some of you have seen it before --

By definition, a “puppy mill” is a factory in the business of producing puppies for sale for a profit, in order to sustain the business, its employees and its owners. Are there clean puppy mills? Yes! Are there puppy mills where the dogs are well taken care of? Yes! Are there puppy mills where consideration is put into the best matings? Yes! But they are still "puppy mills."

Puppy mills are frowned upon because when profit supersedes all else, all else begins to suffer, specifically the welfare of the breed as well as the individuals. A larger profit is what leads some unscrupulous puppy mills to use smaller cages, breed indiscriminately, and not provide good care.

Therefore, in general, I oppose puppy mills, while at the same time I am more tolerant of this or that individual puppy mill.

Generalizations are only true "in general," and are never fair when applied to specific individuals.
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