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not trying to start anything

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I wondered if you considered someone a BYB or puppy mill if they have several different breeds and have 10-15 litters a year but they breed to top quality studs and they get titles on there females( JH SH or MH titles)?Just curious how other view this.
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Does the breeder help/or rehome any pup produced if needed? With all of the concerns about rescue, shelters and spay and neuter laws, every breeder should be concerned about the permanent placement of all of the pups produced. I am not sure when money is the motivator, that continued assistance in placement is even considered a responsibility by those breeders.

Some large volumn breeders place the bitches in homes and the pups are whelped in those homes. The breeder does the business end of it - managing the stud arrangements, advertising, and selling pups.
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