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not trying to start anything

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I wondered if you considered someone a BYB or puppy mill if they have several different breeds and have 10-15 litters a year but they breed to top quality studs and they get titles on there females( JH SH or MH titles)?Just curious how other view this.
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I know of one similar to what you describe. They breed CBR, NSDT. Labs, goldens, and maybe one or two others. I am not sure how they have the time to keep all of these happy, but they do put out some fair to good HT dogs. One, according to their web site, is like the top HT NSDT or maybe it is a Boykin I cannot remember. I don't think I would view them as a puppy mill because they get all health clearances and seem to do pretty good breedings. If you own 5 breeds and have 15 litters a year I am not sure that would qualify as too many, not that an arbitrary number is the determining factor in a puppy mill.
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