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not trying to start anything

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I wondered if you considered someone a BYB or puppy mill if they have several different breeds and have 10-15 litters a year but they breed to top quality studs and they get titles on there females( JH SH or MH titles)?Just curious how other view this.
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moorelabs said:
Puppy Mill. Period.
Careful....because when legislative bodies start thinking like this, pretty soon anyone breeding 5 litters is a "puppy mill" and under legislative control. Then it's three litters. Then it's one litter. Then it's no more purebred dogs at all. See the new California mandatory spay/neuter bill as evidence.
I'm against mass production of puppies for profit just as much as the next person but there is danger in labelling someone "good" or "bad" based on numbers alone.
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