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not trying to start anything

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I wondered if you considered someone a BYB or puppy mill if they have several different breeds and have 10-15 litters a year but they breed to top quality studs and they get titles on there females( JH SH or MH titles)?Just curious how other view this.
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I just want to say I agree with Jeff about what a responsible breeder is regardless of volume, but I would have to question the time issue. I mean, if they have 10-15 litters a year (whelping one litter is time consuming enough) with several different breeds (which I would assume they would then have quite a few dogs to feed and care for every day, not to mention how knowledgable are they of each breed- and I mean beyond titles and whelping?) and are still going out to get titles on their females (do they train and show/trial/test or send to a pro?), do they really have time for all of that? I know I don't, but if they do more power to them. I'm just curious how they make the time...
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