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Novel protein performance foods

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Quick question -

A friend of a friend has a Lab that is primarily a hunting dog, but he is hoping to run it in HT's. He has always fed the dog a performance food but lately dog has developed some skin problems. Long story short, the vet thinks it is a true food allergy and has suggested he try some non-chicken based foods.

Looking at the lamb and rice options has him nervous - the fat and protein content is waaaaay lower than the 30/20 food he's been feeding.

Would the Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin formula be a good option as a performance food? It's a 26/16 food. Anyone had good luck with that?
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I have a dog with horrible allergies, inhaled and food. My problem was with performance foods, they are mostly chicken based, not usally a good choice with food allergies.After many, many foods, I have found eukanuba k/o ( kangaroo and oats) is a really good food, at least for my guy. Try looking at this sight it gives all the info on almost any dog food out there. Good Luck, it's not easy to find the right food.
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