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Novel protein performance foods

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Quick question -

A friend of a friend has a Lab that is primarily a hunting dog, but he is hoping to run it in HT's. He has always fed the dog a performance food but lately dog has developed some skin problems. Long story short, the vet thinks it is a true food allergy and has suggested he try some non-chicken based foods.

Looking at the lamb and rice options has him nervous - the fat and protein content is waaaaay lower than the 30/20 food he's been feeding.

Would the Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin formula be a good option as a performance food? It's a 26/16 food. Anyone had good luck with that?
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I really like the PP sensitive skin formula, the dogs eat the same or less than they did on the Performance, and they look better too. I do wish it was higher in protein, but oh well.
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