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I have the following DVDs with manuals, and the Training with Mike Lardy (Vols I-IV). All are original, in perfect condition and lightly used. I'm selling because I don't have a dog any longer, retired and travel way too much to get started again. I would prefer to sell everything as a unit and will discount the prices by 10% if sold as a unit. The prices for which each sell through YBS Media, Bill Hillmann's website and for the Farmer/Aycock videos online vendors, are available on their websites. I will pay for shipping if sold as a complete unit, or charge the USPS Flat Rate price for individual purchases. I assure that the dvds and manuals are original an in the condition described above.

Total Retriever Training with Mike Lardy, 2d Edition ($80.00)
Farmer/Lardy Symposium ($95.00)
Training with Mike Lardy Volumes I-IV ($16.00 for each volume)
Retriever Training Fundamentals with Bill Hillmann, Parts 1 and 2 ($80.00 each Volume)
The Fetch Command with Bill Hillmann ($40.00)
Force Fetch with Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock ($7.00)
Retriever Training Problems and Solutions with Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock ($20.00)
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