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OK I am looking at a Baikal 12 gauge 3" model IZH-27. I know its not a big name gun or expensive and I am sure I will get told to buy a diva gun. But has any one ever owned, or hunted with this Russian made O/U ? Thanks
I have a Baikal IZH 27 in 12 ga . First let me say it's not a Browning but then again it doesn't have a high $$$ price tag like a Browning.

What the Baikal is good for, is a excellent meat O/U gun. it has mechanical trigger and uses true choke system. I have put several cases of "HEAVY" field loads through the gun and have never had a issue. It's built like a tank as far as any work on the gun, EAA is the importer and does the work

I've seen a few of the Turkey made lower end shotguns and I'll take the Russian made Biakal any day over them.

The one I own goes bang every time you pull the trigger, that's all you can ask ;-)
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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