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Sorry about the delay in getting these out. I think our club is still recovering from having such a great weekend!!

1st. Connie Cleveland--Ezra
2nd. Chris Ledford---Cash
3rd. Chris Ledford--Bill Earley's dog
4th. Connie Cleveland--- Elijah
RJ. Chris Ledford - Tommy Parrish Dog, Airborne Allie

1st. Jim Pickering---Red's Uncloudy Day
2nd. Steve Faith---Hoss --
3rd. Kevin Mayes----Messa----Longest Flyer Ever Seen
4th. Kip Kemp---Minnie
RJ - Mike Harvey - 4 Wheel Drive

1st. Joe Harp/Todd Schaffer---Trouble
2nd. Jeremiah Haston --Just Plano Buckley
3rd. Terry Fowler - Little Bit of White lily
4th. Ken Wood - Ford's Buzzin
RJ Frank Cundari - Full of Surprizes

1st. Richard Slicker--Bailey---second derby ever...
2nd. Charles Moody -- Cosmo K Rascal
3rd. Jeff Jorsley -- Donna Anns Darke
4th. Joe Harp -- Dominator's Miss American Pie

Sorry about the delay
Erik Gawthorpe
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