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I posted about this dog before. He hunted conventionally and then he also was used for tolling on the Chesapeake Bay, a red bandanna tied around the middle of his tail.

I found a picture and a description of him. Thought some would enjoy it.

OF all the Chesapeake Bay retrievers, or any other kind of retrievers, it has been my pleasure to shoot over Old Bob of Spesutia Island stands out, in my personal recollections, as the peer of them all. He was a most perfect specimen of the rough or curly-coated dog. His outer coat was curled and twisted as close and as tight as the wool on a Guinea n*****'s head. It felt to the hand like the wool of a Merino sheep; in color like the sands on the shore. And he weighed about eighty pounds.

Old Bob was raised and owned by Colonel Ned Mitchell, one of God's noblemen, standing six feet seven inches in his stocking feet, a big man in every way the term may be applied; hospitable, kind, and indulgent to a fault toward any boy coming to the island for a day's outing: fishing, crabbing, and to shoot ducks and snipe He could mix a mint julep which would make you virtuous and happy and teach you to speak the truth, especially when describing the largest fish which always gets away. Woodcock, and quail, too, could be found in goodly numbers during their respective seasons.

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