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I am one of a relatively large group of old trainers that visit here regularly. Recent a "warning shot" was fired
over my bow. After the pacemaker "installation", I realized that I better get my act together and train the trainer.
Therefore, the residence that we built many years ago was modified a bit by drastically reducing dog hunting
and training equipment so as to make it into a human workout and exercise area. Today was the grand opening. :cool:

Window Building Wood Floor Flooring

Sports equipment Door Wood Building Flooring

Building Wood Flooring Floor Bicycle

Wheel Automotive tire Tire Exercise machine Wood
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Gigi has a Vet appointment shortly and it is an hour drive. The exercise equipment was purchased
using "Facebook". Prices are much better and the equipment is often "like new".

I'll post brand names later today...if you still want them.

UPDATE: Snode Recumbent Bike Rig 16. I like this one....sitting and exercising. :cool:
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The last couple of hunt tests it was so hot, I spent most of my time sitting in front of
a fan, drinking a lot of water or standing behind a van door to take a "pee"......often. :rolleyes:
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Get you some 20" bi's Jim. You make that big iron clang!
I have no idea what that means. :unsure:
I did an Internet search for what is the meaning of "make that iron dang".
It did not match with any results. What is the keyword? :geek:

Search Suggestions:
  • Make sure all words are spelled correctly
  • Try different keywords
  • Try more general keywords
  • Try fewer keywords
You posted...

I am rooting for your bicep measurement to soon stretch that measuring tape to 20 inches!
This dredged up a recent incident in the doctor's office. His nurse took the blood pressure device
out and began to wrap it around my bicep and said, "You have tiny arms."

I did not want to make "a scene" so I did not she reached over and attached a child sized
device that fit.

In reply to this post, I just measured my bicep. I guess she was right... close to 15 inches. :love:

Not going to happen. (n)

note: My name is Jim.....that's close to tiny "Tim". :D
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