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i'm following Stawski's hold/FF method

he is 10 months old, so teeth are not an issue.

I started with the gloved hand, he did not fight that or mouth it or anything negative. so...i moved onto a dumbbell with the padded ends. he is wanting to lunge at the dumbell, and when i do place it in his mouth, he wants to mouth it a lot. if i firmly hold his mouth shut, then he is fine, and sometimes(and i stress only sometimes) he is holding the dumbell on his own. he seems way way too eager to release it(i may be reading into that too much).

i am on my 2nd week of the dumbell, is this normal, and i just need to keep proceeding as followed? or do i try something new? i know some dogs take longer for training on certain steps, but it just doesn't seem like i see much improvement day to day with this.

would using the wooden dumbell work better?

thanks for any help.
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