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First, I know there have been similar questions to mine asked lately but not exactly the same and I need help for this weekend's Hunt Test. My dog ran his first Hunt Test two weeks ago at Deer River HRC. He did great and passed both days in seasoned. The only problem was on his first run both days he seemed to be over excited and got confused on the simple "go" bird. After that he was perfect. Lined the land blind and one whistled the water. All other marks were perfect. I don't want him learning that "going to the dance" is any different than normal routine. By the way, he does perfect in training. No confusion at all. What do I need to do differently? Would taking him off test grounds and running a few marks before he runs official test help? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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A little "off the test grounds" marks and a blind or two before he runs would be great for him and kind of take the edge off of him before he runs the test. Good luck with him and enjoy the ride! I enjoyed 20 years of running HRC and miss the companionship of the hunts, old age sucks, Bill
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