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Passing the word along...

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Deleted due to inability to confirm plausibility.

Matt G
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WOW! apologies to moderators and forum users. I'll be sure to notify my "reliable source" about this terrible ploy.

Don't believe everything you hear and only half of what you see Regards,

Matt G
A happy ending...of sorts....

A Happy Ending.....of sorts. So here's the reply from my source...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the email. I am very aware of the type of hoax emails that are out there! There are an amazing number of weirdos, spammers, and sociopaths that prey on people---the animal rescue world is no different.

However, I'm wondering if your friends might be mistaken on this one, though. [NAME WITHELD], who works at the Memphis Humane Society and volunteers at the Animal Protection Association's spay and neuter clinic, usually only sends out email like this from local people regarding local animals. Also, I got an email from her this morning saying that the labs were adopted this weekend!

So, I dunno . . I mean, it's still possible it was a hoax. XXX can't always be 100% sure . . . yikes!!!

But, you bet, we ain't gonna let a few monkeys spoil our show!! :). I will pass on your info to her, though. It only makes good sense to make sure she is extra careful passing along these emails!

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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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