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Passive Resistance only on a Blind

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How do you cure a dog of passive resistance? What I mean by passive resistance is when we attempt to send a dog on a blind; he does not want to go and does anything to delay going or not focusing on what you want. As you try to adjust for position before you send the dog, he gets up and goes pee. If he does not go pee, he looks the other way, or he will lower his head and act like he is not paying attention. He will also munch grass. Basically, he will do anything that he can in order to not go on a blind. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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hhlabradors said:
tc2912 said:
The dog has not been forced back to the pile, yet but if it keeps this up, he will be.
Well, it's difficult to correct when the foundation for the dog to understand the work and the correction has not been laid.
To me this comment is glaringly true. Far too often we tend to look for some sort of punitive cure for problems we perceive in our dogs without having provided an adequate basis upon which to make such corrections.

First, you've spoken of a dog that, as Howard aptly put it, is bugging on blinds. This is not a dog that looks out in eager anticipation of running a blind, but rather has negative, possibly even fearful expectations of them. An electric collar won't fix that.

Back way up and fix the Basics for this dog by appropriately forcing to pile. But remember force to pile, while it certainly involves the use of pressure, also involves the use of praise for compliance.

While you're doing that, be sure this dog gets plenty of marks each training day, and that most of those don't involve nit-picking, or excessive corrections. You're working on bringing up a confident attitude in your dog.

When your dog is flying to the pile, begin to teach simple fairly short pattern blinds and build a foundation for a good blind attitude. Ease into cold blinds progressively through a sound set of Transitional drills. Then you should rarely be faced with problems like this to face, and will have a solid set of tools to use when it does.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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