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Passive Resistance only on a Blind

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How do you cure a dog of passive resistance? What I mean by passive resistance is when we attempt to send a dog on a blind; he does not want to go and does anything to delay going or not focusing on what you want. As you try to adjust for position before you send the dog, he gets up and goes pee. If he does not go pee, he looks the other way, or he will lower his head and act like he is not paying attention. He will also munch grass. Basically, he will do anything that he can in order to not go on a blind. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I sent you a PM and removed what I'd written here.

Angie, Howard and Eleanor are all saying the same sort of thing.

Please think consistency, fairness and standards. This feels like there's not been a logical training framework laid out for this dog, to allow him to understand what's expected next. The true problem likely does not lie in sending for blinds, but in previously untaught steps which lead up to launching a dog on blinds.

Searching for quick fixes will likely propogate the issues currently being seen.

I'm sorry if this comes across as harsh, but that's how it feels to me.

You wrote in another thread that it hurts you to correct a dog. I honestly believe that part of this has to do with your own incomplete understanding of the methodoligies that go along with a program that supports fair application of electronic collar use.

* trying not to come across as too harsh *
* still trying hard to understand how to train a dog myself *

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