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Covers proper collar introduction and demonstration of revolutionary accelerated learning techniques using discovery learning approach--proven system for all dogs and for training all skill levels. Topics covered include recall, heel, sit, down, stay and kennel or place commands and problem behaviors such as jumping up, inappropriate barking, object possessiveness, predatory behavior and dog on dog aggression. Working slots (handler + dog) limited, auditing also avail.

Pat has over 30 years experience training dogs and handlers for competition, the home and field. He's trained retrievers professionally for hunting and field trials since 1980, including 11 FCs and trained or helped train 9 other FC or AFCs. He's placed Labs, Goldens and flat coats in field trials and trained many dogs to the MH level: Labs, goldens, Chessies and flat coats plus the first MH Irish Water Spaniel.

NOTE: Pat's seminars are very popular and sell out quickly; this one is more geared for general obedience but would be ideal for someone considering collar conditioning their first pup. You won't be disappointed!

Good Dog Training School, registration and info., contact Helen Carlson at [email protected] in Greencastle PA (PA/MD border).
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