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Personality change?

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My 2 yr old YLF was just spayed & acting a bit strange. Seems anxious, whines some as if bored, wants to dig in the carpet, wants to re-shape her bed often and humps it at times. Is this a homonal thing? Common? Will it pass? Anything I can do?

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Spaying a female dog puts them into menopause- huge change in hormone levels. They may have also left too much of a "stump" of cervix and she is going through a heat cycle/false pregnancy type of hormone reaction.
If she was just spayed as in a day ago this is not uncommon post surgically. Did the vet give you anything for her for pain?
Surgery was about ten days ago. No pain meds were says in 30 years of practice he has never seen this reaction....she seemed to especially ''hump'' her bed so we threw it out. her anxiety level is the most bothersome thing and she is by breeding a calm dog up to this point.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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