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Photo Hosting

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Something to consider:
When folks post up photobucket pictures or other common hosting sources, they are often relegated to a red x "no picture"
A blind, if you will, to those of us trying to waste time at work.
The web screening software ruins my day.
Consider using a site like hunt101 or other lesser known hosts.
Don't be a bucket head!

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quit screwin round on the computor at work!!!!!

I mean really,,,,, Ya gotta job to do...
Quit daydreamin or Gooser will send Ya some personal pics a his,, and that'll cure your curious arse fer suure!!!

Now!!! Get back to work!!!'



If this got yer undies in a bunch,,, I is just kiddin......

regards: Gooser who has lost mulitplejobs due to beiing either illiterate of foolin round on the putor at work!!

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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