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Photo Hosting

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Something to consider:
When folks post up photobucket pictures or other common hosting sources, they are often relegated to a red x "no picture"
A blind, if you will, to those of us trying to waste time at work.
The web screening software ruins my day.
Consider using a site like hunt101 or other lesser known hosts.
Don't be a bucket head!

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As of now I can click a pic with my phone, open my photobucket app, upload pic to it in about 20 seconds. I can then link the pic to a forum in a few more seconds. All in all in less than a minute I can show off a pic in a forum. Does hunt101 work that fast and easy?
Hey, it's not about you. It's about me!:razz:
So... you want me to change something that works for me, that has worked for numerous years, so that you can see pictures at work that are now blocked because of a work firewall?:confused:

Yeah.. I'll get right on that...:rolleyes:
Thanks. I appreciate it!
quit screwin round on the computor at work!!!!!

I mean really,,,,, Ya gotta job to do...
Quit daydreamin or Gooser will send Ya some personal pics a his,, and that'll cure your curious arse fer suure!!!

Now!!! Get back to work!!!'



If this got yer undies in a bunch,,, I is just kiddin......

regards: Gooser who has lost mulitplejobs due to beiing either illiterate of foolin round on the putor at work!!

I've read enough Gooser material to know where it's coming from!
Pure gold!

Hey Scott .... not too many shoppers today??? LOL!
Always too many shoppers!

If it wasn't for work I'd have no time for RTF at all!
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1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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