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Tonight I am scheduled to pick up my new female yellow pup (Roxy) from TrinityLabs! Zoey, my current lab (6 years old) is finally getting a sister.

On another note, Zoey was diagnosed with Lymphoma last March & we decided to put her through a 19 week chemo protocol after visiting an oncologist - Dr. Susan Ettinger. She has been in remission for a about a year & it is showing signs again BUT no symptoms like last year - never knew she was sick. We are faced with an important decision based on our options we have available -1. We can do Chemo again (the strongest & most expensive), 2. Chemo at home for 6 months, 3. Steroids or 4. Homeopathic. Aside from some early issues last year with the Chemo that was difficult to witness (like severely fatigued & not eating), the overall protocol was a success. She is a strong girl & acts like a normal lab! If anyone can share some experience, it would be greatly appreciated.

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