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Picnic Trials

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I would like to know how/if your club holds picnic trials. What stakes do you have? Do you give awards or placements? Any special rules? Who judges? What do you like or dislike?
Thanks in advance.
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Central MN Retriever Club

We have them Dec through April. ( All dead birds)

Puppy- 10.00 entry for dogs 1 year and under, Singles, delivery to hand and pigions are used.

Hunter- $12.00 entry singles and/or doubles with the possibility short blind, dog can be restrained, ducks are used

Open---- Same as a lisc. trial only there is no water and most likely only 3 series.

I personally think there great, good income for the club, gets HT people involved in the FT game, gets future new FT judges involved.. Wish more clubs had them...
the prizes are ribins, and 1st also gets a ss mug or thermas as well, they are allot fun and do help to get new people involved. The turn out has been grate this year for our club.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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