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Keith Stroyan said:
I was thinking of Uncle Bill watching the trial in Michigan last weekend. I saw some amazing stylish work. I did see the opposite of a pig as Clint Joiner's dog - who had to be sitting pretty - broke on the honor at the very end of Am. (I've been there in my little HRC world a few times...) That dog WANTS the birds.

Here in Iowa, we KNOW pigs ;-). I didn't see a single pigadore in Michigan. There's lots about FTs that aren't in line with hunters' needs, but the (less harsh) modern trainers aren't making them pigs.
Come to think of it, Iowa IS the home of the "PIGS WITH WOODEN LEGS". So you'll get no dispute from me about your knowledge of oinkers. :lol:

I have noticed a discernable difference in the cheerleaders of Iowa State and the Cornhusker babes. I think Hugh Masekela wrote a song about the Husker cheerleaders. :oops: (sorry about that Ken) But I didn't know "this little piggy went to market" was an Iowa original. :wink: Thanks for the insight.

UB...thinking it would be fun to take a class from a kilt-wearer, that obviously doesn't get hung-up on E=MC squared. :idea:
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