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I heard, and only heard that this is how it went in the open.

Again, this was told to me by someone NOT at the trial....

1. Dewitt Debois- Rocky
2. Schrader- ?
3. Farmer- Pudgie
4. Farmer- King

Hopefully thats right.

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I'm not sure about all of the Open results, but DeWitt did win with Rocky, and I heard Schrader 2nd, and Farmer 3rd and 4th.

Qaul results

1st Sandmans Ticket -- Mark Edwards
2nd Mr Oliver D Place -- Grady Peacock
3rd CK Cream's Chena Doll -- Karen Hull
4th Duncan's Brit -- Kadi Workman
RJ Watermark's Vector Potential -- Schrader

Derby Results

1st Wham Bam's Just A Little Bit -- Amy Hunt
2nd Nebos' Onyx Tornado -- Mark Edwards
3rd Tiger's Goodness Gracious -- Steve Holgoth
4th By Golden Ponds Christmas Comet -- Mark Edwards
RJ Lil Miss Chevious -- Brian Biesemeier
Jam Revilo's Yankee Independence -- Ken Troyer

Am was still running when we left

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Congrats Brian and Lori!! Your girl is doing OK!! :D

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