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APLA CPR level field test to be held in Central California in late Sep/early Oct. This is in the planning stages now. I need 15 dogs entered to make this happen.

This is the entry level certification for Labradors. Dog must show natural pointing instinct and retrieve from land and water (50 yds max). Dog does not have to be steady (can be restrained with a flat collar) and does not have to retrieve to hand. Birds will be chukars, pheasants if available. Ducks for water work.

Every trial or hunt test I go to, someone approaches me wanting to discuss pointing Labs. I know lots of your trial dogs point from talking to all you nice folks, and I also know the nearest APLA certification tests are two states away (WA). So I decided to host a California test. This is the one and only test that will be held here for some time to come, to my knowledge.

Here is your chance to do something fun with your dogs, something different... and pick up an extra title while you're at it. It will cost about the same as a weekend test or trial and will be a one-day deal. You'll even get a nifty sticker to put on your window! :D

If interested in running a dog(s) in this event or for more information, please contact me.
Dawnyel McCarty
(209) 204-5204

The official website for the APLA is [/url]
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