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After 12 years on the job would you:

  • A. Stay on and hope for the best?

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  • B. Take 1/2 pay, insurance, and go to school for 4 years?

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  • C. Take $100,000 before taxes and say bye?

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  • D. Take option B or C and train dogs?

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Pondering career--Not so much dog related

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With the most recent waves in the water. Just curious.
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I had that choice, in 1987

I was in the same situation with that company, on the sales division side, during the white collar force reduction in the late 80's. I took "the package" and moved on to be in control of my own destiny (if I had stayed I had a job "somewhere", "doing something"). There are times I thought "what if I stayed", but in all it has worked out.

Just be sure of one thing, use any severence pay wisely. I took a number of months off, did lots of hunting and had a great time. But when it was time to get back to work I had put myself behind the 8 ball. In hindsight I would either have started a solid business or worked part time in a few industries/positions I liked and I'd probably be even farther along in my life and closer to true retirement.

However, like in my tag line, life is not a destination, it is a journey. You have to enjoy the trip!!!!

Good luck with the choice.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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