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popping on blinds? need alt. methods

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I have a 4 year old female that has been a different case since she was a puppy. She has never responed well to pressure and as a result never accepted force very well and shuts down fairly easily. She went through juniors and I thought that was as far as she would go. Using some unconventional methods and alot of confidence building excercises. She now has a Senior title and 1 master pass. She has always had a minor popping problem. As we started running masters I knew we would have to find a way to curb the popping. After going back over alot of training material I decided to revisit the force concept. As I expected the popping has become worse. I am now sure pressure- force is not the answer for this particular dog. So I am on the hunt for ideas for curbing a popping problem without using force. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Stop doing cold blinds!
I don't use an e-collar to train. I only use teaching methods.

Have you ever done connect the dots?

Go to the pond where your dog has some confidence and place a few bumpers where the blind is going to be. Have the dog sit next to the blind while you walk back to the other side of the pond. Call the dog to you. It is important that the dog swim straight back to you. No cheating. If the dog does cheat just take her back to the other side and sit her next to the bumpers. As soon as the dog swims to you turn her around and send her on the blind. Make sure you use the blind command not a fetch command. Do this for weeks to build up confidence. Find places to make the blind longer or more difficult as her confidence builds.

Another method:
Have water where the blind is always in the same place. I like to have ponds that when we go there all we do is one memory blind and leave.

Another method:
You may also try having a helper if the dog pops they can get the dogs attention from the side of the water where the blind is, then throw a confidence mark to get the dog to break pass that mental barrier.

Another method:
Take the dog to the starting point have someone throw the bumper to where the blind will be. Take the dog back to the truck and wait a minute or two. Bring her back to the line and send her on the blind.

It will take time to build back her confidence.
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