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Post heat lull.......?

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Newbie here. My female is 18 months. Just finished her first heat cycle. Trainer mentioned a post heat lull, lack of confidence, unsure, etc... Trainer mentioned some of the other females on his truck go through the same lull after a heat cycle.

She is my first high performance lab. Just looking to hear some other's experiences, how common this is, and how long something like this could last. Would love to hear any insight or experience. Thanks in advance.

- Bubba
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For mine..

The month or so before she starts a heat, She can Mark anything. Runs with a LOT of confidence,very eager.

When she is IN heat. Completely silly.. low confidence, sits and watches the birds go down really well,, and when you send her, its anyones guess where she will go.
Eager to get into truck to go train,, but once we get there doesnt want to come out to play :)
I dont think she could EVER have puppies,, cause she aint gonna warm up to AnyONE or any other dog all the time she is in heat.. She will take yer knee caps off if you dont watch her.. :) I swear she was born in Boulder! :)
I dread those 27days!,, but she will be 5 in November, and we are still waiting on her 5th heat... She was 23 months old when she had her first..
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