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Post heat lull.......?

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Newbie here. My female is 18 months. Just finished her first heat cycle. Trainer mentioned a post heat lull, lack of confidence, unsure, etc... Trainer mentioned some of the other females on his truck go through the same lull after a heat cycle.

She is my first high performance lab. Just looking to hear some other's experiences, how common this is, and how long something like this could last. Would love to hear any insight or experience. Thanks in advance.

- Bubba
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It's a matter of marking your file for each girl, as Kim says. I have a 2yo who I noticed after heat cycle #1, was HORRIBLE in obed ~5 wks post ovulation (~7 wks after day 1 of bleeding). Same thing this last time... Another friend w/ a herding breed said her girl was awful last weekend in the obed ring too, and at the same point post ovulation. Most of mine wait until they are ~9 wks post ovulation when the "phantom babies" would be arriving (associated w/ a big progesterone drop).

This is when it's nice to have a bitch that only cycles once every 9 mos or more....
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