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Post heat lull.......?

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Newbie here. My female is 18 months. Just finished her first heat cycle. Trainer mentioned a post heat lull, lack of confidence, unsure, etc... Trainer mentioned some of the other females on his truck go through the same lull after a heat cycle.

She is my first high performance lab. Just looking to hear some other's experiences, how common this is, and how long something like this could last. Would love to hear any insight or experience. Thanks in advance.

- Bubba
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What hormones do to females varies bitch by bitch, but, heat cycles can most certainly affect them and their work in the field. Some before, some after, some not so much, there's just no hard or fast rule as to when, and for how long. A few of mine get a little sharper, but mostly, they suddenly can't find a single on a cut hayfield, can't run straight for 20 yards, fall apart if nicked on a 1, and pretty much make me threaten to spay every one of them before they return to normal. But, seriously, it does vary by female, both affect and duration.
Thanks for the laugh! I definitely experienced this following my girl's last heat cycle. She was a complete goofball for a few weeks after. Now I know why.
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