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These results are off the top of my head, so you might want to check with someone who wrote them down.


1st AFC Yellowstone's Dust Devil owner G. Brown, Remien handling---finished Twist's FC

2nd Wood River's Franchise---Bill Fruehling

3rd Top's Challenger owner G. Scheihing, Gunzer handling

4th Madam Berte of Rimrock owner R. Kiehn, Remien handling


1st Cosmic Blue Genes Barbara Young

2nd Wood River's Air Apparent Bill Fruehling

3rd Emberain Good Will Hunting Judy Rasmuson

4th FC/AFC Pin Oak's Black Powder Maggie Dave Fowler

I know Larry Calvert won the Qual and I think Frank Baird handled the dog that won the Derby.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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