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Pup name game.

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Need a registration and a call name.

FC AFC Tiger McBunn

Sunny Acre Marsh Mutt's Bullet MH

Thanks in advance.

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Tony the Tiger "Tony"

El Tigre "Tigre"

(That's spanish for "the tiger". Latin women like the kind of man that is "El Tigre". I read that somewhere and thought it was kind of funny, and its a reminder to me to always be the tiger, well maybe not but that bit of trivia has stuck with me apparently as something to remember)
Precious Tiger Eye "Precious"

Rare Tiger Eye Gemstone "Rock"

Look Me in the Tiger Eye Bucko "Buck"

Marsh Madness "Maddy"

Unbeatable Ninga Tiger Claw "Ninga"
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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