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puppy question

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I found a yellow AKC yellow lab male puppy that is vet checked and healthy except that it was born with just one eye. My question is will I be able to hunt him? He really alert and plays with his littermates like nothing is wrong. Like i said the vet said he was healthy other than that. Also, is the being born with one eye a trait that could possibly be passed on if I decide to breed him?
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If you are fair to him like what was said there shouldn't be any problems. It might take him a little while to see what you want. I think it is cool of you to consider buying him with his disability. Lots of people would pass.
Way to go! That is awesome that you got him even if he has issues with his other eye! I hope you have many great experiences with him and thanks for giving him a chance!
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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