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Pups on the Way-Or the Day of the Snake!

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My female's temp finally dropped yesterday at 12:15PM (Saturday). It's 2:50AM in Georgia and I am anxiously awaiting #1. It hasn't been boring by all means! I was airing my girl yesterday afternoon and as she's coming up the back yard a king snake comes crawling from under our deck. I heard an awful commotion and I look over to see what's going. All I saw was Aggie vigorously shaking her head and, at that point, a snake! Had no clue what kind of snake it was until she dropped it at my frantic yelling! As I am scrambling to get Aggie back inside my gate swings open and hear comes my neighbor running into my backyard, shovel in hand! He has no problems with snakes but is terrified of chickens!! Mom and snake are all doing well. Needless to say I will NEVER forget this litter!
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Congratulations! :D
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