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So will this solve "the" National Problem?

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Qualifers in addition to 6 master passes a year to go to the "Offical" Master National?

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Admittedly, I don't understand the point of a National event that is pass/fail. Many people do and that's fine.

The "annual event model" looks like a way of adding to and extending the problem.

A possible solution that would no doubt be very unpopular as well;

Raise the standard of the master national, make it more difficult than weekend tests. Plenty of ways to do that with fair tests.

Add a higher level, above master, to weekend tests and require a title at that level for qualification to the national with its higher standard.

I would also eliminate the junior level tests. They are meaningless and an event atmosphere is detrimental for a retriever at that level. Club training and teaching days would be much more valuable for the dogs and handlers.

Another possibility, make the master national a competitive event.
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The hunt test game is flourishing, training has gotten better, dogs have gotten better.
Yes, that is why I believe a higher level should be added and JH dropped.
Disagree on dropping JR.
I'm sure you aren't the only one.
What about making Jr. a teaching/training stake for both dog and handler. Keep the ribbons and title.
I think it would be good for the sport and for the new people that are nearly always seen at Jr tests.
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The main reason was few clubs had resources to put on a separate MHX flight
I'm sure it would be a challenge for many clubs.
Would have to be a separate event for a lot of them just to have enough grounds available.

It is also no secret that the junior and senior levels are vastly more profitable than master is for clubs.
Not gonna happen. The numbers of dogs run by Pro's, even at the JUNIOR level is growing.
That is currently the biggest problem in both hunt tests and Field trials IMO. Not enough dedicated amateurs participating, handling and training their own dogs.
People are always thrilled when they handle a dog to their first ribbon in Junior or started. Often they are inspired to attain a higher level.
What satisfaction or inspiration could anyone get from paying a pro to handle a dog to a junior pass?
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The numbers of dogs entered in this event have gone up markedly since its inception.
It will face the same problem in the near future.
Yes, and with what percentage of the dogs having been trained by amateurs?
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