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Open to all; we still have room if anyone wants to come!

Here is a copy of the premium or e-mail me if you'd like the pretty one with the graphic 8)
[email protected]
RRRC SUPER SINGLES & PICNIC?REGISTER NOW!!Save $5 by entering before Aug. 4 (post entries $5 extra and not guaranteed, we will close each div. after 25 dogs)
FREE entry fee ? to first 4 people who agree to help Aug. 6 (e-mail me or call me (540)364-9480 for details on free entry in exchange for helping)
August 6 Shady Grove Kennels/Hunting Preserve, Remington Va. Start 8:00 a.m.
NEW this year, FOUR divisions including one for novices/unsteady dogs/Open to any registered or unregistered dogs of any hunting breed.
Open/Champ. & Intermediate; Bill Lamar, Culpeper & Gregg Leonard, Midland. Puppy & Novice, Dee Mahaffey, Fredericksburg & John Lewis, Sperryville
* OPEN/Championship Division -- Open to all dogs. Must be steady and deliver to hand. Dogs will be judged on a single, marked retrieve of a live shot flyer to include land and water and all may be called back for additional retrieves at the judges? discretion. Handlers should be prepared to handle and fire a gun (primer loads) from the line. The winner of this division will be the Club Champion. Starts at 8 a.m.
* Intermediate ? Same as OPEN above, except restricted to dogs that have never qualified at the AKC master hunter level nor finished an AKC field trial; nor qualified at the HRC finished, NAHRA Senior, or NFRA master or open level. Handlers may be asked to handle/fire from the line and any/all dogs may be called back at the judges? discretion. Immediately following the Open div.
* Novice/Unsteady ? Open to dogs that have never qualified at the AKC Sr., NAHRA Intermediate, HRC seasoned level, never entered an AKC field trial nor received a qualifying score in any testing program requiring steadiness (such as NFRA or breed WDX or WCX, etc.) Dogs will be judged on a single, marked retrieve of a dead duck. Dogs may be lightly restrained at the line; no guns at the line; delivery to hand not required but must return to within a designated area. Held after the Intermediate division.
* Puppy ? Open to any puppy whelped on or after January 6, 2005. Eligible puppies must never have competed at a hunt test or breed working certificate, puppy stakes excepted. Judged on a single retrieve of a dead duck in the water, may be restrained at the line; delivery to hand not required but should return to handler?s general area. Held at conclusion of the Novice division.
Championship & Reserve plus 3rd& 4th place for each division. JR. HANDLER ribbons. BREED ribbons ? offered for best Labs, Chessies, Goldens and ?Other?. Any breed which has at least 3 entries will be offered ribbons for that breed; if two or less it is eligible for Other. Jr. handler is for handlers 16 and under. If enough entries we will split to 11& under and 12-16. BEST VETERAN ribbons for any dog age 10 or older as of Aug. 6, 2005. Open dogs start at 8 a.m., followed by intermediate, novice and puppy.
PICNIC ? Please bring a share dish; RRRC will provide burgers, sodas etc. Last name A-M bring a dessert; N-Z bring a side dish.
Entry Fee: $35.00 for current RRRC members; $40 for non-members. Jr. handler entries $25. Entries must be received and paid by August 4 (fax or e-mail OK but if your money is not received in advance there will be a $5 additional fee to collect your entry fee the day of the event). SPACE IS LIMITED! Preference given to club members and to entries in the order in which they are received including payment.
Please fill out below and mail to RRRC SS Secretary Julie Reardon, Hope Springs Farm, P.O. Box 13, Orlean VA 20128. E-mail [email protected]; fax (540) 364-9479, ph. (540)364-9480 by Aug. 2nd.
************************************Entry Form***************************************
DOG?s registered name: _____________________________Call name:___________________________
Handler?s name:_______________________________________address:___________________________
Owner?s name (if different from above)______________________________________________________
Jr. handler?s name_____________________________________________date of birth________________
Signature of parent/guardian of Jr. handler:___________________________________________________
Circle stake to be entered (use separate form for each dog) Open/CH Intermed. Unsteady/Nov. Puppy
Fees enclosed: ______________ + $5 non-RRRC member=___________ * Non-members must sign a waiver prior to competing. Share dish you will be bringing: ____________________________________

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Congrats to our winners! The open and intermediate series winners especially; creative judges made up 3 tough series to determine the winners.

OPEN/CLUB CHAMPION: Bobby Baldwin with Bailee (CBR F)
Res: Bradley Sisson w/Ferrous (CBR M)
3rd: Neil Selby w/Gus (YLM)
4th: Martha Glenn w/Cannon (Gold. F)

INTERMEDIATE CH: **Mike Boulais w/Biggs (BLM)
RES: **Mike Boulais w/Teak (CLF)
3rd: Penny Woodward w/Dancer (Flat F)
4th: Dave Yozviak w/Rebel (CLM)

NOVICE CH: **Steve Bireley w/Callie (YLF)
RES: Robert Anthony w/Rowdy (BLM)
3rd: Cary Irvine w/Maddie (YLF)
4th: Sharon Townley w/May (BLF)

PUPPY CH:Lora Rasnake w/Lexi (CLM)
RES: Greg Cooper w/Ellie (YLF)
3rd: Bonnie Anthony w/Trouble (YLM)


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Res: Bradley Sisson w/Ferrous (CBR M)

Yea Bradley & Ferrous!!! I haven't seen them in ages. Ferrous is such a nice dog.

Julie-tell Ferrous that Kate & I say Hello.


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Miriam, you should come down for our HRC hunt Sept. 24-25 and say hi to them yourselves! yes Ferrous is a very nice dog; he and Puffin are half sibs, same sire (CHestnut Hills Ironwood Oak MH***). Ferrous has a new little brother Eider 10 mos. that's doing pretty well also.

Last year in our open div. goldens were 1, 2 and 4, but we only had one run in the open this year (she was 4th).
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